Business to Business

Have instant access to a B2B web-based portal designed to enable you to sell items to any store while utilizing our advanced business-to-business tools and services.

Business Types

Wholesale Store

Liquor Store



Ordering Portal

We provide a technologically advanced, easy-to-use ordering platform allowing B2B customers to complete transactions from anywhere.


Have access to an easy-to-navigate website that enables retailers to browse your inventory and make purchases at their convenience.

EDI invoices

Our solution tracks receipts and invoices to keep you well-informed of your business-to-business transactions and how often they happen.

Store to Store

Easily keep a detailed record of transactions that have taken place involving your business and others.


Our point-of-sale systems provide the platform needed for B2B companies to conduct trades and exchanges. Customers can pay via credit or debit card for goods and services. In addition, the B2B POS improves cash flow while saving time and effort spent on billing follow-ups.

Store To Store

Keep track of your transactions whenever you send orders to dozens of other merchants.

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