Merchant Processing

By using credit and debit card-based payment processing services, we help you move money from a customer's bank account or credit card account into your business's bank account.

Business Types

Convenience Store

Grocery & Meat Store

Smoke Shop

Liquor Store

Why Choose Us?

Our knowledge and resources are necessary to design, implement, and manage the highly accessible and secure technological platform you demand, allowing you to focus on running your business. Because we offer quick customer assistance without a contract and free merchant devices as part of our services.


Mobile Options

Having the ability to accept online payments via mobile devices is a must-have nowadays, thus your solutions should support it.

Online Payments

All major gateways are supported. We work with a wide range of businesses, from tiny businesses with a few goods to large corporations with thousands.

Card Processing

You can profit from some of the lowest transaction rates in the credit card business if you see your consumers face to face.

Clover Go Payments

With a merchant account, you may accept credit cards anywhere, at any time.

Gift Card

Gift cards are a simple and effective approach to boosting sales while giving your consumers a better shopping experience.

Merchant Devices

Devices on the basis of customer needs.

Clover Mini

First Data FD 130

Verifone m400

Our Support

Our back-office technicians are ready to help you.

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