Point of Sale System

Streamline the checkout experience to save time, increase sales, and enhance the customer service experience while gaining new customers directly from your POS.

Business Types

Convenience Store

Grocery & Meat Store

Smoke Shop

Liquor store


Our point-of-sale system features convenient, time-saving tools designed to help you get more done in less time.

Meat Scale Integration

Quickly determine the cost of products based on the weight displayed on your scale.

Mix and Match

Easily offer discounts and savings for customers who purchase specific items from your business.

Weight Scale

Quickly generate the price of products based on their weight.

Produce Menu

This time-saving solution displays produce options in alphabetical order, so you never have to stress over codes for produce again.

User Access

Provide access to the system using a safe and secure authentication login.

Offline Sale

Continue conducting sales, even when dealing with network-related issues.

Credit card integration

Accept credit cards as a payment method from customers for goods and services with this convenient feature.

Age Verification

Quickly and easily verify a customer’s age when buying specific items, such as alcohol, to avoid costly fines and penalties.

POS Screens

We've developed point-of-sale system screens that meet the customers' needs!

Keyboard View

Keyboard view (For POS Keyboard User)


Max Menu Buttons

Expanded List

Max Sales View

Full Expanded

Keypad Hidden

Customer Display

Customers can view the display for the latest information on mix-and-match deals, discounts, and more.

Loss Prevention

Having a way to prevent loss is a must. The POS monitors both employees and customers to capture any potential instances of fraud.

Camera Integration

Text from the POS appears on videos from security cameras with this technologically advanced feature.

USB Cash Drawer

Stay on top of your cash drawers and detect fraud before the transaction takes place to avoid the possibility of losing money.

Void Receipt

Provide cashiers with the opportunity to void finished receipts when necessary.

Refund Notification

Get notified when customers return items and receive a refund.

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