Cloud Back Office

Use the Cloud Back Office to simply and securely manage every aspect of your business from anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or on the go.

Business Types

Convenience Store

Grocery & Meat Store

Smoke Shop

Liquor Store

Mobile App

Take advantage of the mobile app to arrange your store while accessing the most insightful data that can boost internal processes.

Meat Scale

Use the convenient meat scale feature to charge the correct prices based on different factors, including the type of meat and its weight.


Eliminate traditional paper sticks and go for the e-tag that enables you to make price changes quickly and efficiently to save time and effort.


Integration can boost your operations platform, providing access to updated, real-time data from your point-of-sale system.


We've developed a system offering the most convenient and reliable tools available.

Live Sales

Access real-time information to stay current on all your latest transactions.

Void Analysis

Identify gaps within your store that will help you prevent theft.


View every transaction made throughout different departments on the timeline with the Cloud Back Office.

Label Printing

We make label printing a stress-free experience, whether you need a single label or even a mobile printer.

Daily Book

Manage your daily book with ease while having access to valuable information, such as daily sales, money orders, lottery sales, and more.

Lottery Management

Track lottery inventory and identify confirmed, activated, and sold lottery tickets.

Inventory Control

Never worry about falling behind with our inventory control feature. Receive routine reports, inventory audits, and more.

Live Gas Tank Fuel

Monitor your tank in real-time to see how much fuel you need and how much you still have available.

Check Printing

Jot down another person’s name and set the price with the readily accessible check printing feature.

Scan Data

Offered as an alternative solution, scan data for access to rebates with every order completed.

Business to Business

Buy and sell from anyone with advanced B2B solutions.

Upload EDI

Review manual procedures commonly occurring with purchases made via post mail, email, and fax.

Cronysoft App Features

Price Book

With many updated features, it is easy to access all items. Keep records and adds or edit details of your goods without losing time or money.

Live Sale

For the app, we provide real-time access to information about your most recent transactions and live sales.

Void Receipt

Before your customer’s debit or credit card account is charged, your staff is permitted to complete the transaction.

Receive Merchandise

Utilizing EDI, you can count the quantity of a certain product in your store’s inventory.

Lottery Scan

Get a better knowledge of sales to prevent missing out on ticket sales and recount your lotteries every night to prevent missing tickets.

Count Inventory

Be aware of actual examination of the quality and quantity that are in stock in your stores.

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