Cloud Back Office

Back Office, where you can securely access your information and manage all parts of your POS terminals and Websites from anywhere using a web browser.

Business Types

Convenience Store

Grocery & Meat Store

Smoke Shop

Liquor Store

Cell Phone App

Better organize your store with the mobile app. Get the most efficient data, and stocks and improve all your internal operations through the app from anywhere anytime.

Meat Scale

A meat market and butcher shop POS method are used to calculate the amount owed by customers at the time of purchase. This is why most of these applications provide a way to weigh the goods. It makes it simple to set up product categories, item classification (weight-based barcode integration, and price), and other features.


In your retail establishments, an identification system is widely employed. It works with a little chip that is embedded in a tag and can record and save data like a serial number, price, or purchase history.


A seamless link between your POS software and your restaurant accounting and operations platform is known as POS integration. Your operations platform may pull detailed data from your POS in real-time thanks to integration. We also deal with Cronypos and Gilbarco passports. Integration with Verifone is coming soon.


Our POS has all the features you need and is the most intelligent set of retail tools yet.

Live Sales

Whether you need to rapidly ring up sales, keep track of inventory, or look at sales data and reports, we’ve got you covered.

Void Analysis

Record multiple bits of information such as inventory, product transactions, staff performance, and customer insights.


You can browse full histories and add notes and comments to orders, draught orders, customers, and transfers using Timeline.

Label Printing

Print label automatically after changing price. With UPC, Price, Item Name, and Item Code. Print Self-Packaging Labels with ingredients, pack date, and sell-by date.

Daily Book

Point-of-sale and financial reporting for multiple stores and franchisees are all kept in one daily book to ensure efficient invoicing and operations.

Lottery Management

Keep track of your Confirmed, Activate and Settle lotteries.

Inventory Control

Purchase order, Receive Order, Inventory Adjustment, Inventory Reports, Inventory Audit, and Advance Physical Inventory Count.

Live Gas Tank Fuel

A rich array of intuitive and easy-to-use management and reporting modules, designed specifically to ensure a flawless site-level operation that maximizes fuel and dry good sales at the isle.

Check Printing

Email and text receipts becomes popular; paper receipts are still necessary for giving customers a rapid overview of their purchases or returns

Scan Data

Increase your sales by participating in scan data programs and offering multi-item discounts at checkout.

Business to Business

Connecting you with B2B App and Website

Upload EDI

Electronic Data Interchange Import items from any CSV file format.

Cronysoft App Features

Add/Edit Items

Adding or changing no of items using app or software in POS.

Live Sale

Updating promotion sales on some items to grow sales.

Void Receipt

A cashier can use the “Void Receipt” tool to delete a finished receipt from the receipt archive.

Receive Merchandise

Any endeavor to improve sales at the time of purchase is referred to as a point of sale or POS merchandising.

Lottery Scan

Stop keeping track of how many scratch-off lottery tickets you’ve sold each night. Get a better understanding of sales and avoid missing out on ticket sales.

Count Inventory

The physical inspection of the quantity and condition of in-stock items.

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