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We provide all of the tools you need to communicate with your customers so you can simply increase sales and your clients will receive all of the information you need to take your business to the next level.

Automatic POS Terminal Updates

Crony tools are built with cutting-edge technology and POS software that refreshes each POS terminal automatically. You get the best technology has to offer for your Convenience Store at no extra expense for the term of your membership. The cash register at the point of sale.

  • Printable and Detailed Cashier Reports
  • Theft Prevention Software
  • Accounting Software Integration
  • Coupons, Bundled Deals, and Promotions

No Commitment, No Fees

There are no hidden or extra fees with our easy-to-use liquor business POS system. There will never be any pressure to sign long-term contracts, and you can use the program for free.

Liquor POS Cash Register

Expand and broaden your Convenience Store’s services by implementing software that streamlines buying, selling, and connecting with vendors and distributors.

Advanced Customer Care 24/7

Do you require a speedy response? You can reach out to our staff at any time of day or night by calling our customer service line, which is open 24/7.



Maintain your customers’ contact information, track their interactions with your company, and manage their accounts.

Theft Management

Do you have a good understanding of your employees? Enough to figure out if they were robbing your cash register? At least you hope so.


Do you want to build a loyal customer base, stimulate return visits to your store, and improve your customers’ average spend? Utilize the capabilities provided by your POS system to build a loyalty program.

Inventory Control

Purchase order, Receive Order, Inventory Adjustment, Inventory Reports, Inventory Audit, and Advance Physical Inventory Count.


Connecting you with B2B App and Website

Promo on Customer Screen

An integrated digital marketing solution to help boost sales, enhance sales of items with excess stock, and offer promotions all at the counter.

Integrated Payment

Increase customer loyalty, sales, and best checkout experience with an integrated POS system

Age Verification

Defined Age restriction and have alerts. Eliminate errors and costly fines.

Clock In/Out Report with Payroll

Easy, accurate, and secure way to track and report your employees hours using POS

User Control

Provides your staff with the information they need to do their jobs well without compromising security or confidential data.

Store to Store Transfer

By increasing the best practices for each outlet, continue to expand into a powerful chain.

Credit Card Surcharge

Customers can pick up any amount of weight-based product they require, which can then be weighed at the POS checkouts.

Manage Your Business from Anywhere

POS is a full solution for your grocery store. When combined with our cloud-based back-office software, you can administer and manage your POS and business virtually from anywhere, whether you’re opening a new location or expanding your product line.

Key POS Features

For stronger consumer interactions, create customer profiles and launch loyalty programs.

Download POS apps for iPad and iPhone to service consumers wherever you are.

Get a taste of integrated payment options.

Groceries, tobacco, alcohol, and lotteries are among the product sectors that have received support.

Manage Every Aspect of Your Company

Every part of running a business is handled by a point-of-sale app. You can maintain the shelves stocked to stay focused on your services, from payment and processing to analytics and inventory.

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