Electronic Shelf Tag

As new technologies emerge, a growing number of point-of-sale and network administrators are looking for new ways to boost revenue, improve customer service, and improve personnel management. With the introduction of new electronic shelf labeling solutions to the market, new opportunities for effective growth and customer satisfaction strategies have opened up.


Our POS Is the Most Intelligent Set of Retail Tools Yet, With All the Features You Need.

Multiple Design

Quickly change the price with the option to print the label.

Automatic Price Change

Countless supermarkets have been designed by designers. Rich experience allows us to meet the needs of any customer. We can create different designs for different areas, countries, and sorts of people.


The electronic shelf tag’s battery has 05 years of life upon changing the battery and you can reuse it again.


These different sizes are available

4.2 Inch

2.9 Inch

2.13 Inch

1.54 Inch

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