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POS Hardware

Cash Drawer

Credit card receipts, cash from transactions, and other documents are kept in the Cash Drawer, which is part of the Cash Register or Point of Sale Device (POS).

Scanner 2D

These scanners are simple to operate and have industry-leading scan performance, allowing even the most difficult-to-read barcodes to appear professional.

Bi-optic scanner scale

For faster than ever checkout in cashier manned and self-checkout lanes, greater cashier productivity and point of sale (POS) throughput, and a better shopping experience.

Receipt Printer

This is demonstrated by the paper reduction function, which minimizes waste and expenses. A receipt printer will be awarded Energy Star certification, proving its environmental commitment.

Display Customer

Your mix-and-match order information, as well as fresh specials and new arrivals, is presented to your customers on a separate digital display.

Label Printer

Compact and dependable desktop printer with choices that complement a wide range of applications and highly versatile desktop printer with options that complement a wide range of applications.

Meat Scale

Our cost-effective retail labeling scales promise great productivity and cost savings with variable label sizing and formatting – all from a single roll of lineless labels.

POS Terminal

A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a piece of hardware used to accept credit cards at retail businesses. The gear includes software that reads magnetic strips from credit and debit cards.


An android POS machine is used to achieve QR code scan, thermal receipt printers, receive merchandise, add/edit items, and price changes.

Temperature Monitor

Wireless device to record and monitor temperatures for Food Safety.

Battery Backup

A battery system is a backup strategy for your POS system that prevents machines from shutting down in the event of a power outage.

Electronic Shelf Tag

With the introduction of new electronic shelf labeling solutions to the market, new opportunities for effective growth and customer satisfaction strategies have opened up.

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