Liquor Store

We give all of the liquor-related tools you need to communicate with your consumers, allowing you to effortlessly increase sales while your clients receive all of the information, they require to take your business to the next level

Automatic POS Terminal Updates

Crony tools are made using cutting-edge technology and POS software that automatically updates each POS terminal. For the duration of your membership, receive the most cutting-edge technology available for your liquor store at no additional cost. The cash register at the point of sale:

  • Printable and Detailed Cashier Reports
  • Theft Prevention Software
  • Accounting Software Integration
  • Coupons, Bundled Deals, and Promotions

No Commitment, No Fees

Our user-friendly POS system for the liquor industry has no additional or hidden costs. You can use the program for free, and you won’t ever be forced to sign a binding contract

Liquor POS Cash Register

Implement software that simplifies purchasing, selling, and interacting with vendors and distributors to expand and widen the services offered by your liquor business

Advanced Customer Care 24/7

Do you need a quick response? By dialing our customer care line, which is available around the clock, you can get in touch with our team at any time



Keep a record of your customers’ contact information, interactions with your business, and accounts

Theft Management

Do you know your employees well? Enough to figure out if they were robbing your cash register? At the very least, you hope so


Do you want to increase average customer spending, encourage repeat business, and develop a base of devoted customers? Create a loyalty program by utilizing the features that your POS system offers

Inventory Control

Physical inventory control involves purchase orders, receiving orders, inventory adjustments, inventory reports, inventory audits, and much more

B2B and TABC Tags

Giving you B2B tools that allow you to sell or buy anything from anywhere

Promo on Customer Screen

When ordering at a POS terminal, offer your customers a shopping cart with personal text, promotions, payment information, price per product, and total price

Integrated Payment

With an integrated POS system create a better and faster checkout experience for both you and your customers

Age Verification

Create warnings, specify the age restriction, and get rid of mistakes and expensive fines

Clock In/Out Report with Payroll

Check employees’ hours in a simple, accurate, and secure manner

User Control

Providing you the knowledge they require to perform their duties competently without jeopardizing security or private information

Store to Store Transfer

Continue to grow into a strong chain of stores by improving best practices at each location

Credit Card Surcharge

We assist you in charging a surcharge when a customer uses a credit card to pay as opposed to another option like cash

Manage Your Business from Anywhere

A complete solution for your liquor store is POS. Whether you’re launching a new location or extending your product range, you can manage your POS and business virtually from anywhere when used in conjunction with our cloud-based back-office software.

Key POS Features

For stronger consumer interactions, create customer profiles and launch loyalty programs.

Download POS apps for iPad and iPhone to service consumers wherever you are.

Get a taste of integrated payment options.

Groceries, tobacco, alcohol, and lotteries are among the product sectors that have received support.

Manage Every Aspect of Your Company

A point-of-sale app manages every aspect of running a business. To stay focused on your services—from payment and processing to analytics and inventory—you can keep the shelves supplied.

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