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Business Types

Convenience Store

Grocery & Meat Store

Smoke Shop

Liquor store

Price Table

Back Office


Per Month

  • POS
  • Mix Match
  • Surveillance Camera Integration
  • Inventory Control
  • Surcharge option available on card transaction
  • Support
  • Reports
  • Customer Screen Banner for Special Items
  • Credit / Debit and EBT card integration
  • Lottery Management
  • Daily Book
  • Payroll / Vendor Checks
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Gas invoice reconciliation
  • Upload Invoices, Employee, Vendor and Store Documents with expiration
  • APP to check Live Sales, Receipt, Add & Edit Items and much more
  • 1-PRO POS support included
  • Additional POS



Per Month

  • Pricing Group
  • Customer Purchase History
  • Due
  • Refund by customer purchase history
  • EDI and CSV for your customer
  • Customer Tax document load option
  • Online ordering portal
  • Instant Website
  • Call for Price and Detail



Per Month

  • Business to Business Sale
  • File to upload in TABC
  • Tax Exempt
  • Custom Pricing
  • Customer Reporting Customer
  • Due Due and Payment History
  • Instant Website
  • Ordering Portal for your customers
  • Require Back Office subscription
  • Call for Price and Detail

Time Clock System


Per Month

  • Scheduling Software
  • Face Detection
  • Online Reporting
  • Auto Clock Out
  • Issue Payroll Check Access Scheduling and Report from any where
  • Hardware for in/out require



Per Month

  • Loyalty APP
  • Curbside and Pickup
  • Send text notification
  • Send Coupons to your customers
  • Loyalty APP for Altria
  • Email Marketing
  • Require Back Office subscription



Per Month

  • Control price from anywhere
  • Save time change price tag
  • Battery life 5 year

Animated TV


Per Month

  • Seasonal
  • Control price from anywhere
  • Change the item name from Back Office


Our POS Is the Most Intelligent Set of Retail Tools Yet, With All the Features You Need.

Meat Scale Integration

For billing revenue, a device to calculate the bill based on the weight

Mix and Match

Perform Mix and Match prices. Optionally select start and end date*Quick Change Price: Quickly change price with the option to print label.

Weight Scale

Weight and price will be generated automatically after price scanning.

Produce Menu

Our produce menu eliminates the need to memorize produce Item codes.

User Profile

We help you understand who your ideal customers are, address their needs, and attract them to your business.

Offline Sale

Network problems? You are covered. Allow you to perform offline sales and then sync to the server when online.

Credit card integration

Allow you to Drop, Hold, Recall, and perform payouts.

Age Verification

Defined Age restriction and have alerts. Eliminate errors and costly fines.

Loss Prevention

POS is critical to loss prevention because it is where transactions take place. It's not only the station where employees keep an eye on the floor, but it's also a potential hotspot for employee theft and customer fraud.

Camera Integration

Integration grants you to overlay the text from their POS over their security recordings.

USB Cash Drawer

Your cash drawer will only open after every transaction at the time of payment.

Void Receipt

A cashier can use the “Void Receipt” tool to delete a finished receipt from the receipt archive.

Refund Notification

Receive notification for the return of any item and its information

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