Temperature Monitor

Save money and avoid temperature-related issues with our fast and efficient temperature monitor.

Business Types

Convenience Store

Grocery & Meat Store

Smoke Shop

Liquor Store


Receive routine updates on temperature to ensure the products you sell to clients remain in excellent condition. Get a notification when the temperature increases or decreases to stay on top of the overall condition of your refrigerated and frozen goods.

Walking Cooler

Maintaining the ideal temperature inside your walking cooler is a must. Use our temperature monitor to receive notifications of any temperature changes that occur.

Indoor Refrigerator

Protect your clients while meeting food safety standards by utilizing the mobile app for temperature control and monitoring.

Get Alert Messages

Receive texts on your phone that will let you know when you need to set the temperature.

Check Status Anytime

Quickly and conveniently check the status of your temperature using the temperature monitor via the mobile app.

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