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For our back-office customers, we offer an Instant website that combines software and hardware to centralize all business processes in a retail store including promotions, new arrivals, and specials, and to let your customers place an order with you.

Business Types

Convenience Store

Grocery & Meat Store

Smoke Shop

Liquor Store


About Us

We host websites that show clients your product information and allow them to purchase it.


On the basis of upcoming events, promotions, discounts, and new arrivals will be offered.

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Deal Specials

To help you grow your business, we provide your clients with new and upcoming deals and promotions.

New Arrivals

We notify your customers whenever a new product is added to your store in order to increase sales.

Ordering Portal

We provide an ordering platform so that your consumers can place orders from the comfort of their own homes.

Our Support

Our back-office technicians are ready to help you.

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Phone 1-800-940-8957
Email info@cronypos.com



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